Seahawks tackle Garry Gilliam thinking less and playing better

After being benched, Garry Gilliam determined that if he acquired one other probability, he would play extra instinctually.

When it might have mattered greater than ever, Garry Gilliam had to determine a strategy to cease worrying a lot.

On Nov. 27, after three performs towards Tampa Bay, Gilliam was changed because the Seahawks proper deal with by Bradley Sowell.

And for all Gilliam knew in that second, he may by no means return once more — not simply to beginning at proper deal with, however to the sector.

A number of weeks earlier he’d seen Christine Michael, on the time the workforce’s main rusher, waived once the Seahawks decided they had better options.

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And he’d seen J’Marcus Webb, a veteran who had signed a two-year deal with the Seahawks in March, similarly cut once Seattle had decided he was no longer worth a starting role.

Gilliam admits he had at least a fleeting thought he could be next.

“Exactly, exactly,’’ Gilliam said. “And for me it was like ‘am I not doing my job right? What’s going on?’ ’’

Gilliam was inactive the following two games, during which time he says he came to a few realizations.

One, was noticing that the team had kept him around.

“My point was like they didn’t have me starting at right tackle, but if they didn’t want you on the team, you wouldn’t be here, you would be cut,’’ he said. “They want you here, so do what they want you to do. Handle your business.’’

Gilliam also decided that if he got another chance, he would play more instinctually.

“Just stop thinking so damn much, Garry,’’ he said he told himself during that time. “And just go play football. But I’ve always had that problem.’’

The couple weeks on the sidelines, though, reinforced that he had nothing to lose by trying it a different way if he got another shot.

He’d entered the season as the team’s presumptive left tackle, tabbed initially as the replacement for the departed Russell Okung. Then, after an offseason surgery to repair a cyst on his knee cost him a lot of practice time, he was moved to right tackle. Then, suddenly, he was on the bench.

Gilliam said, “I was just trying to be real right, almost being passive because I was almost trying to be perfect.’’

In the fourth quarter of a Dec. 14 game against the Rams, Gilliam heard his name called by coaches, asked to replace Sowell in a contest in which the Seahawks…

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