Mary Nky Onyemena Biography

Actress/Gospel Singer Born: December 29th, 1995 (26 yrs) | Imo State, Nigeria

Published by Samuel on 1st January, 2022

Last Updated 24th April, 2022

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9 months ago

Why the hush hush about Mary aka Rebecca height but revealed that she’s a dimitive ( little person who didn’t grow female breast revealing her condition could help others

    Samuel Ndubuisi Ezegbunam

    9 months ago

    Hello, dear, thank you for your feedback. We appreciate and do not take it for granted. Accordingly, we’ll try and see what we can do about that, and again, thank you for calling our attention.

    Thank you,
    Samuel Ndụbụisi Ezegbunam. 🙂

Ofoneme patience

7 months ago

I love mary nky onyemena’s movies she is a good actress

Malachi Kum

6 months ago

Hi guys I’m new here


4 months ago

What is her real age

Blessed Chizy

3 months ago

Where is she from