Classy Jesters Biography (Career, Education, Net worth)

Classy Jesters Biography (Career, Education, Net worth)

  • We have different Talent in Nigeria, in the Music industry or comedy industry, We are blessed with multi-talented peoples.
  • Read Classy Jesters Biography who is a Nigeria Instagram Comedians
  • All you need to know about Classy Jester Career, Age, Education, and Net Worth, Read below

Classy Jesters Biography

  • Olawuyi Taheed Olatunde Popularly known as Classy Jesters (MuMu Man) is a Nigerian Instagram Comedian With over 160,000 Followers
  • He specializes in talking about frustrating Internet fraud hustles for many youths, street stuffs, and many social issues affecting young Nigerians using his comical perspective and Idea as a Mumu man.

Early Life  Education

  • Classy Jesters was born on the 26th of May 1999 in Ogbomosho, Oyo state. he hailed from Osun state.
  • Olatunde attended Ajogbe Nursery and Primary school, He finished his junior secondary school at Bethel Baptist College and His senior at At-Taoheed International School Isale Afon Ogbomosho in 2015

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  • He gained admission into Ladoke Akintola University (Lautech) Ogbomosho, Oyo state to study statistics but later changed to Transport Management,  he’s currently in 300 level


  • Classy Jesters Started acting comedy in 2016, He started with his friend named Yusuf Abdul Hakeem also known as “Easy Lion” who is an aspirant of Lautech before he got admitted into another university which leads to their departed.
  • That was when he started acting comedy with Salahu Olawole Toheeb also known as Smart Tizzle who is a student of Lautech University also in 300 level studying Computer science & Engineering
  • According to Classy jesters, It hasn’t been really easy, coping with academics and still pursuing a career. This is even the reason he changed his course. he was initially studying statistics before crossed to the current department which is Transport Management.

Personal Life

  • Classy Jesters is engaged with Oluwawemimo Asalewa



  • In 2018, He won Best Comedy Skit of the year at Coal Award
  • In 2019 classy Jesters won Best Skit maker of the Year and Best Entertainer of the year at Moga awards

Classy Jester Net worth

  • As we all know that has been a good source of income for Nigerian Comedians definitely the young talented comedian is also doing well on this platform.
  • He makes money by advertising for brands and song promotions. And endorsement deals as well, but currently, I have a deal with a brand called furetinxchanger
  • Classy Jesters Estimated Net worth is $30,000

Classy Jesters Social Media Handles

Classy Jesters Biography (Career, Education, Net worth)

Below is an interview with Classy Jesters by Omoelublog

1. What’s Classy Jester’s real name? I asked

Classy: I’m Olawuyi Toheeb Olatunde

2. What’s his State of Origin

Classy: I was born & brought up in Ogbomosho Oyo state. I’m an indigene of Ogbomoso town.

3. What’s the Relationship with Ibadan, many of us think you are from Ibadan o, because of your accent?

Classy: Lol. I’m an indigene of Ogbomosho, I’ve been in Ogbomosho since I was 2 years old and the funniest part is I’ve only slept in Ibadan once in my lifetime 

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4. Classy Jester Educational Background?

Classy: I attended Ajogbe nursery and primary school for my primary education, then I proceeded to secondary school, first at Bethel Baptist College (for Junior school Education) and then to At- Taoheed International group of school (Senior level). I’m currently a 300level student of Transport Management at Ladoke Akintola University Ogbomoso (Lautech)

5. Journey into Online Comedy Business

Interviewer: I realized you started on campus, having watched virtually all your videos from start – How did it all start out?

Classy: No, I didn’t start comedy on campus, I started before entering campus and that’s when I was an admission aspirant in 2016

6. Coping with Academics

Classy: Haa.. It hasn’t been really easy o, coping with academics and still pursuing a career. This is even the reason I changed my course. I was initially studying statistics before I crossed to the current department I’m in now.

7. Negative Reactions to Skits

Interviewer: You do lots of skits on Internet scamming, girls, and street stuff? How do you cope with the yahoo guys, to avoid trouble and how do you source for your materials?

Classy: I’ve never had a problem with anyone concerning my skits, I just do my thing…. And I’ve always been cautious about skits I make at times, to avoid troubles. I mostly create my contents around our daily life activities and my contents are a character about “a foolish guy that suffers almost every time due to his foolishness”, hence where “the mumu-man” skit nickname comes from.

Interviewer: How do you cope with admirers especially on campus at Lautech as a rising star?

Classy: Campus fans have been treating me well, you know we’ve been together before many people even know me outside

classy jester and sea
classy jester and Smart zzle

8. His Relationship with Smart Sizzle

Interviewer: I know you have a guy who works with you on most of your videos, especially when you are two, I like him too.. What do have to say about him? And how has it been working together? Is he from Lautech too?

Classy: Yes – he’s a student of Lautech, 300level as well, studying Computer science and Engineering… and his name is Salawu Olawale Toheeb. He’s been a very good and supportive friend and he’s doing really well. He’s also equally very creative.

9. Producing an Online Comedy Skit

Interviewer: How long and how much does it take you & in cost to produce a skit, because I know a lot of things go into that?

Classy: Since I do visuals and editing myself, a skit doesn’t cost a lot to produce except if a few materials are needed like a costume.

Classy Jesters BiograpHY

10. How to make money in Online Comedy in Nigeria.

Interviewer: I see. So, how do you make money from all these efforts, because as they say, “If e no dey make money, e no dey make sense”.. Abi no be so, na just passion all through? Lol

Classy: Naso o, I make money making adverts for brands and song promotions. And endorsement deals as well, but currently, I have a deal with a brand.

Interviewer: How much do you charge for commercials and brands, in case people reading this may want to contact you.

Classy: Well, It varies, we have a price list. Anyone interested should contact my business line on our social media handles for enquires and bookings with our business manager.

11. The Driving Spirit

Interviewer: What’s keeping you going and where do you see yourself in the next 5yrs?

Classy: I’ll say good content. In the next 5 years… Hymn. Well, life is unpredictable though, but I pray to see myself at top of this career.

12. Words of Advice to other young talented minds.

Interviewer: What’s your take on the online content making industry in Nigeria? And what do you have to say to anyone who wishes to start doing comedy like this too but don’t know to start?

Classy: Nigerian Contents makers are really working well so far and it’s been really impressive for me. To anyone who wishes to start doing comedy stuff, I would say such should start with maximum commitment. It isn’t really easy to start… It isn’t easy to grow fan base and they shouldn’t be depressed if things are not turning out positive as they want, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’ll surely go well one day.

Interviewer: Do you work with other skit makers in the industry?

Classy: Sure! I have a lot of people I want to work with as soon as the corona pandemic is over.

Interviewer: What your last words to your numerous fans out there?

Class: I really appreciate every one of them, I love them all and I promise them that I won’t cease to give good content always.

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