Orunmila, The god of Knowledge in Yorubaland

Published by Temiloluwa oyeniyi on 23rd May, 2022

Last Updated 24th May, 2022

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Michael innocent

2 years ago

This is a great one. History, as we all Know has its different roots and sources which many believe and build on.

Actually, over the years of studying history, have never had an understanding of the meaning of Orunmila not until you broke it into the simplest and most understandable manner. Orun lo mo eni ti ola. ( Thanks for this)

Seriously, I must commend your efforts in bringing these pieces together. I’m in this field too, Incase you need my collaboration in your subsequent works.

Popularly known as Smoothwriter.

Azzy y

2 years ago

A great and real storu