Amadioha, the Igbo god of Thunder

Published by Temiloluwa oyeniyi on 13th July, 2022

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Opara Anayochi

1 year ago

Thanks for your enlightenment but Amadioha symbol is a pure white ram with wings and she have a think black eyes with a lovely horn …. I was opportune to saw her in my village many years ago when my grandmother was still alive , she was the person that told us that this is Amadioha . The time was 5pm in my village. Ahiazu Mbaise in imo state .. I was having dinner with my siblings and my grandma . We all was surprised to hear the thunder strike within some few munites it’s started raining, all of a sudden, everywhere was clouded, immediately we saw a white Ram with wings with a black think eyes that was flying towards our community … I must tell you she fly faster than jet …her strikes breaks the ground and hit the tree with a fire … it was unimaginable moment in my village because everyone thought the world have ended when we all ran inside the house and locked our doors … Amadioha is GOD of Justice… I’m very happy to experience such a wonderful moment ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹 May Amadioha Guard and protect US All more especially Igbo Nation … Ise Ise Ise