Ayinla Omowura; The death of an Apala Legend

Published by Temiloluwa oyeniyi on 28th June, 2022

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Adeosun sodiq

2 years ago

Ayinla Yusuf gbogbolowo omowunra is the best musicals, Rest in perfect peace


5 months ago

1, Àyìnlá Àgbéjàpá Ọ̀bà is different from Àyìnlá Ọmọwúrà. The former was a friend & spiritual godfather to the latter.
2, Àlàó Adéwọlé Onílù Ọlà was a renowned drummer in Abẹòkúta before he met Àyìnlá and encouraged him to lead a preexisting group. The EMI executives had to project Àyìnlá as the leader i, for commercial purpose. ii, they were not really used to that kind of arrangement whereby the drummer is the leader of the group.
Àyìnlá got Mercedes Benz cars and when Àlàó raised an eyebrow he got a Mazda or Datsun (can’t recollect at the moment). That was the reason for his disgruntlement and decision to leave the band at a point.