AJALA THE TRAVELLER: The Man Who Toured The World With His Scooter

Ajala The Traveller

Moshood Adisa Olabisi Ajala, prominently known in Nigeria and over the globe as ‘Ajala the traveler’, was the man who toured the United States of America on a bicycle, and the world, on an engine scooter also called Vespa.

From the normal child of a conventionalist, Ajala rose to a worldwide VIP and his name turned into a tune sang on each lip. During his prime, Ajala was begrudged and adulated by both the youthful and old for his fearlessness, assurance and achievement.

Moshood Adisa Olabisi Ajala was conceived in Ghana into a Nigerian polygamous group of thirty. He was one out of the twenty-five youngsters delivered by his father and his four spouses. Not long after Ajala’s introduction to the world, his family descended to Nigeria where he educated in Baptist Academy, Lagos and Ibadan Boys’ High School.

At 18 years old, Ajala went to America to further his investigations; he was conceded into the University of Chicago where he concentrated as a pre-clinical understudy. His underlying dream was to turn into a clinical specialist and come back to Nigeria to stigmatize the act of voodoo and the individuals’ confidence in odd notions however Ajala’s lifetime dream changed along an amazing course; he discovered something more fascinating to him than wearing sterile jackets and utilizing stethoscope.

Ajala came into the spotlight in 1952 when he went on a talk tour over the United States of America on a bicycle covering an aggregate of 2,280 miles. All through the talk tour, Ajala wearing the conventional clothing types of Nigeria one of which was depicted as “extravagantly blossomed robes with a felt-like crowns to coordinate”. He did this in an offer to upgrade the reason for his talk tour which was to teach Americans about the advancement of his nation, Nigeria, and Africa all in all, and to edify them that in spite of the prevalent view held in America, Africans don’t stroll about stripped or shrouded in leaves and midsection clothes.

Ajala’s acclaim likewise landed him enormous film jobs. After his bicycle tour over the United States of America, he got his first job (of $300 every week) in the film White Witch Doctor delivered by the mainstream twentieth Century-Fox Motion Picture. He assumed the supporting job of Ola, a partner of Loni, a popular African tracker played by Robert Mitchum. Likewise in August, 1955, he marked a film contract with the Eagle Lion Studios of Hollywood which included creation motion pictures with European and African foundations.

The effectively renowned Ajala the traveler didn’t confine his tour to the United States of America, he visited an aggregate of 87 nations with his scooter in six years.

Ajala the traveler was known as a man of numerous ladies. His conjugal life included various ladies from various pieces of the world. In 1953, a Chicago nurture named Myrtle Bassetfiled a paternity suit against Ajala for precluding being the father from securing ‘their child’ which she asserted Ajala himself named Oladipupo and furthermore marked his introduction to the world declaration.

Regardless of the claim, Ajala held immovably to his ground precluding being the father from claiming the kid. Ajala proposed a DNA test however the medical attendant was hesitant from the start and when she in the long run consented to give up the child for the test, Ajala vanished into the slight air which made the court administered against him. In March, 1953, a local court ordered Ajala to pay $10 every week for the upkeep of Oladipupo, additionally named André.

That year, things didn’t go down well for Ajala. In March, 1953, he was captured on the charges of fraud, excellent theft and useless check by the police of Beverly Hills, California. Olabisi Ajala argued not liable to the charges, he asserted he was hoodwinked by one Arnold Weiner who was an ex-bank bookkeeper. Arnold Weiner thus guarded himself, he conceded telling Ajala the best way to compose checks yet guaranteed he didn’t trick him.

In any case, Ajala was condemned to one year prison term and later ousted from America. His extradition was not exclusively in light of the fabrication charges leveled against him yet in addition since he had neglected to stay aware of his examinations at the Santa Monica Junior College, in this manner discrediting his visa. Ajala opposed extradition and fought in light of the fact that, as per American specialists, he dreaded inborn execution. The specialists said Ajala was frightened of being slaughtered by his father on the off chance that he was expelled back to Nigeria which prompted his dissent.

Ajala The Traveller

Olabisi Ajala had climbed a 80-foot radio pinnacle where he shouted that he would prefer to jump to his demise than be extradited. Ajala fought on the pinnacle for around 24 hours turning hard of hearing ears to the requests of the migration specialists. He in the end hopped down from a stature of 15 feet however was fortunate to just have supported a hyper-extended back. The specialists likewise said Ajala, after the pinnacle fight, set out on hunger strike which Ajala exposed. He asserted he was just watching the 30-day Ramadan fasting. Nonetheless, Ajala was traveled to London rather than Nigeria. He had recently mentioned to be traveled to Canada yet his solicitation was turned down in light of the fact that Canada would not affirm his application.

By December 1954, Olabisi Ajala came back to America with his significant other, Hermine Aileen who later separated from him in August 1955 on the charges that he was being double-crossing. In December, that equivalent year, Ajala wedded a 19-year-old white London radio-Tv on-screen character, Joan Simmons.

Ajala the traveler kept up his worldwide big name status for some time yet before long left the spotlight however his name despite everything continued ringing in the ears of individuals. He resigned to Nigeria where he lived with a portion of his youngsters.

Things turned more terrible for the Ajala in his last a long time as he tumbled from the well known and rich world traveler to a typical man attempting to met his closures some place in Lagos, a leased loft in a two-story expanding on Adeniran Street, Bariga to be exact.

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When Olabis Ajala fell debilitated, he was unable to get sufficient clinical consideration since he needed more cash, and his multitude of youngsters were not there for him, just two of his kids lived with him and they are: Olaolu Ajala, a 20-year-old understudy of Baptist Academy, Lagos and Bolanle Ajala, his 17-year-old little girl.

It is miserable to realize that the once world celebrated Ajala the traveler kicked the bucket a poor man on the second of February, 1999 at the General Hospital, Ikeja because of loss of motion from stroke. Nonetheless, he has discovered a spot for his name throughout the entire existence of Nigeria and the world.

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